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Thomas Jreige

Thomas is an innovative, strategic and tactical cyber security and technology advisor, with over 25 years’ experience across a broad range of industries such as National Security, Critical Infrastructure, Telecommunications, Health, Finance, Resources, and many more.


He is the Managing Director/Principal of Thomas Cyber, a consulting and advisory firm providing organisations with cyber security and risk management services, with one thing in mind...


Taking complex cyber security problems and creating simplistic | sensible | sustainable outcomes which are realistic for the organisation.


Thomas is a skilled consultant, thought leader and expert, providing strategic advice and outcomes to Boards, Executive Committees, Leadership teams and organisation owners, instilling conviction, clarity and confidence in information protection.


Thomas prides himself on his direct nature. Why tell a story in 1000 words when you can draw a simple picture. He pushes Thomas Cyber to provide only sensible and realistic outcomes to the complex cyber security problem space.


Thomas understands the commercial importance of solid security governance and the implementation of intelligent and appropriate security controls to support business objectives. He embraces the human element and emerging technologies/concepts to deliver improved security outcomes/capabilities and their associated governance structures, ensuring a balance of people, process and technology in the cyber security lifecycle without unnecessary complexities and hindrances.

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